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Postcard from Goa + other pics


A long overdue post. Sharing some pics from my trip to Goa. Went there a few months ago when my sister was living in the beach state. So she took me around. Zooming around on her two-wheeler, we went to beaches, a funky French Bakery, met her friends, discovered a small Tibetan restaurant, drank wine instead of water at her house, went club-hopping in the middle of the night, missed a silent night party, shopped some, sent a postcard to my friend in Thailand, and lazed around a lot. Think that sums it up.

Unfortunately, our digital camera was acting up, so had to click everything from my cellphone..





And since I don’t have too many pics from Goa, thought I’d upload a few pics taken over the months.


Just so pretty!


My friend Partho is a chef turned demo lecturer at a hospitality college. He invited me to his place for lunch one weekend and made amazing pasta, completely customised. Big thank you to him and his lovely wife Medha for having me over.

DSC00934It’s okay, you can laugh.

This is from my recent press trip to Della Luxury Resorts and Adventure Park, Lonavala. Quad biking on a dirt track in the rains. I’m sure I must have looked hilarious but I had a great time.

So long!



Pictures from Singapore

Some pictures from my trip.

Aboard The Voyager of The Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Sunset from the balcony of our room on the cruise.

Malaysia in the evening. From our balcony. Unedited. The colours are for real.

Don’t remember what time of the day this was. From our balcony, again. All you can see is water. All around you.

The clear blue ocean.

Singapore at night. A little land, bright lights and a lot of water. View from Marina Bay Sands.

That’s the Singapore Flyer, taller than the London Eye. And yes, we went on it 😉

Now, the food pictures.

Noodles with tofu. And mushroom something. At an Asian fusion restaurant in Singapore. Big thanks to my friend from Singapore, Ying Ci, who showed me around and treated me to this meal!

Mediterranean Platter at Pita Pan restaurant, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Grape fruit, half. Breakfast on the cruise.

Indian meal. At Ulu Ulu restaurant, inside the Night Safari, Singapore. Naan, tofu, and daal. And two hungry sisters.

Caption not needed.

Gnocchi in cheese, generously sprinkled with pepper. With white wine. At Portofino, the Italian restaurant on the cruise. The restaurant had more spoons, forks and glasses than I knew what to do with.

Aaaand finally, one super touristy photo. Ying Ci tells me that such a picture is a must take for first timers in Singapore.

The show off picture.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 🙂

So long.


Singaporeans are cautious people – Here’s proof!

Apart from being gracious and beautiful, Singaporeans are very careful. Presenting photographic evidence:

One would be hard pressed to find such a warning in India. Or any kind of warning sign, for that matter.

At first, I thought the warning was sexist. Then I realised it was the men’s loo.

“Safety first” really seems to be the mantra of Singapore.

There were countless other signs like these that I came across during my recent trip to the wonderful island country.

So this was in the loo somewhere in Singapore. The picture is skewed because I felt too creepy taking it in the first place.

Disclaimer: I loveeddd the people of Singapore. This post and its photographs are not meant to be offensive in any manner.

Oh, scenic and touristy pictures of my trip coming up soon. Okay, maybe not so soon.

Till the next post.


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