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My Short Story – Forsaken Ties

Hello! I’m putting up the first short story I ever wrote. I had to write one as a part of my Creative Writing project. Having lacked the courage to write anything, I am now thankful that I was forced to write a story. Else I am not so sure as to when I would have gotten around to doing it.

Here goes…

Forsaken Ties

Anarghya sat in anticipation, cross legged and twiddling her thumbs, staring at the huge pendulum of the grandfather clock in her bedroom. She willed it to tick faster. And before long the clock chimed 12, at the exact moment of which her cell phone rang. She snapped it open without even glancing at the screen for the caller ID. “Hi!” she exclaimed, breathless. Five assorted voices sang “Happy birthday to you!” in unison. Anarghya happily alternated between listening and chuckling, knowing she had the most darling friends. And when they finished the rhyme, Anarghya told them as much. But she was in an instant dismissed by Kavita who clucked her tongue loudly and asked what friends were for, if not for such intimacy; while the rest of the callers expressed their approval vehemently. Anarghya sighed contentedly and quickly bid goodbye to her eclectic bunch of friends in order to attend to other calls. She chatted gaily with every caller, laughing and being social, thoroughly enjoying the attention one invariably received on their birthday. She was pretty pleased with the number of people who had called on her and resolved to snub the people who had forgotten to do so.

The phone calls took a while to stop and when they eventually did, Anarghya headed towards her parents’ room where they were waiting along with Priti, her elder sibling. They took turns enveloping her small frame in huge bear hugs and telling her how proud they were that their little gudiya had now grown up. Anarghya felt exhilarated to finally have turned 18, an occasion she had long waited for. She had desperately yearned to experience the feeling of being an adult, of being responsible and in control of her own life. The conversation soon veered to Anarghya’s plans for the day.

“Umm… I haven’t really decided yet. We will probably hang out at The Big Jim’s tonight, though we might move to the bowling alley if we are in the mood for it. Oh, you know I am not much of a planner. Things are more fun if they are spontaneous. There is a certain thrill in not knowing what is about to happen next.” Anarghya said. To which Priti, always the meticulous one, rolled her eyes and declared she was hitting the sack.

“You must sleep now too, beta.” Mrs Arora pecked Anarghya’s cheek. Anarghya nodded and returned to her room, but felt too excited to sleep. After all, it was not everyday one turned 18! So she switched her laptop on, logged in to her messenger and scanned the list of contacts online. Disappointed that nobody worth talking to was online, she began checking her mail.

Deleting a couple of annoying forwards, her eyes fell upon a mail with an unknown sender ID and no subject line. Hmm, who is Gemini_09, she wondered. Curious, she clicked it open. The sender had not identified himself and had merely written a few lines, asking her to be present at 12pm at Eco-Garden the following day. She smiled knowingly, assuming it was one of her friends, pulling a fast one on her. But she cringed at the thought of being seen at Eco-Garden, and that too on her birthday! She made a mental note to chide her friends later for such a poor choice of location. Putting the laptop aside, she lay down on her bed and tried to sleep. But a quarter of an hour later, she was still wide awake, trembling with excitement over the surprise she thought her friends had planned for her. She tried, sleeping on her left, and on her right, counting sheep, and reciting God’s name, but nothing excited Anarghya more than surprises. Little did she know what this particular surprisal would hold for her.

Please click here to read the rest of the story.

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