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A crash course in table placements



After or between meals

table manners

Dinner placement

informal dinner



Click on this picture and zoom in to read.


And remember, elbows off the table!



Day 7: Course 7: Almond Cookies

Today’s the final day of The Seven Course Meal Project and I din’t know what I was going to make for Dessert till a couple of hours back. Then came Sonal Ved to the rescue! She gave me this ridiculously easy recipe and here it is.

The cookie is in a heap because I din’t realise you had to cut it into pieces before it cools down. My bad. But that’s what this Project was about.

Almond Cookie

And if you’re wondering why there’s so little of it in the pic, I gobbled some down before clicking because it was irresistible! 😀

My Project ends today, but my blog doesn’t end. So do continue checking every now then.


Chef Manali

Day 6: Course 6: Spaghetti in cheesy Mushroom Sauce

If you love mushroom as much as I do, you’ll love this super easy and super quick Spaghetti! I used lots of cheese and butter while making this and it was pure bliss. I also included baby corn that was left from yesterday’s course.

Spaghetti in Cheesy Mushroom Sauce

And yes, I am aware that Spaghetti is Italian and chopsticks are not. But they just made my picture prettier!

Tomorrow would be the 7th and final course – Dessert and I still haven’t fixed on a dish yet! Suggestions more than welcome!


Chef Manali

Day 5: Course 5: Rice with Red Vegetable Sauce

Hello people,  it’s time for the main course! I made some rice with red vegetable sauce. I put in mushrooms (I love them), baby corn, French beans, carrots, tomatoes and sweet corn. So it was very healthy!

Rice with Red Vegetable Sauce

The cheese made it extra tasty! 😀

Recipe from Ishi Khosla’s book – Is Wheat Killing You?


Chef Manali

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