Welcome to my world, have a nice stay.

This blog started off as a way of wanting to preserve and share with the world, things that inspired me – the various excerpts from books, classic poemsspeeches, etc.. Somewhat like a commonplace book. Now, I also add original content to this blog— glorious tales of my glamorous travels, my recipe-defying culinary feats, and how I use my secret superpower to save the world.. You get the drift.

What this blog is clear about is not containing opinion pieces, analytical articles, social commentary or persuasive diatribes. Why? Because I spend a significant amount of my time reading them. And everything I have to say, has already been articulated in an excellent, thorough manner, by someone, somewhere in the world wide web. My two cents are best within the confines of my mind. I hope this explains the title of my blog. It’s not going to change your life.

A little about me: I report and write on a variety of topics for a reputed monthly magazine in India.  Feminist, spiritual and restless are some of the words that best describe me. I often day dream about people, places and conversations that take place in an alfresco cafe on a cobbled European street. If you have something you want to share with me,  leave behind a comment.

Thank you!

  1. Andrea Miranda

    Hey 1st of all thanx for replyin bak to my email.. rely helped and i tried searchin u on facebook bt der were too many manali shahs’…. do u hav a part email id or sumthin..

  2. Hey Manali, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, really appreciate it. I’ve gone through only 3-4 of your blog posts and I’m already hungry. Got to go for a quick bite now! 😀

  3. Hey Manali,
    bumped into your blog thru Sonal’s.
    absolutely happy to have found this blog! 🙂

  4. Hi Manali,

    How are you? I was wondering how one goes about suggesting a book for review?


  5. Hi Manali,

    M so glad dat i kame acrass you’re BLOG. Such kewl stuff man, like waw. Owesum. M so hungry. Yum Yum. BTW you’re English sucks and it is much typical. You are also very feminist and bad BLOG writer. Such is Laife. contact me for more details.


  6. Yo Manno,

    i comes acoss thou blog via via my frnd Apooz. Prewty cool stuffs you have. You goes to many Restroomturants, it seems lyke. you lyke to rest alot eh? he he he, you are vary funny. i wants to go to date. plis find me a gal. i lyke your critics. they are vry critical. u knoe i hate russia dolls, bcuz thy r so ful of demselvs. also ur blog is like a brokn pensil *penis-il*.

    Much pyaar, no more waar,
    Ab ki baar…
    Manali Sarkar.

  7. Email ID badal ne se IP address nahi badalta.

  8. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MANALI!!!
    PLSSSS be ma frand. I wud lyk to hav some frands lyk yu. U seem to hav travelled 2 many places. I’m v v poor so pls can u take me 2. I will giv yu 1 dairy milk chocol8 I promisssse. ❤

    Bohot mohobat hai tumse. Thoda khana bhi dedo humko.
    Pls keep in tuch wid me.

  9. Hi Manali, the seven course meal project got us hooked! absolutely new. Any email id that we could reach out to u on? (navimumbaifoodies@gmail.com)

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