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Holi Falooda!

Grown out of Holi? Or just become environmentally conscious? This Holi, I found a way you can be like a kid and have responsible fun at the same time. In my opinion, relishing Häagen-Dazs’ Holi special collection comes close to that.


Growing up in Mumbai, there is no escaping the ingenious Falooda. For the most part though, I managed to keep away from the slimy looking drink/dessert. But, the Holi special HD falooda was something else altogether- super refreshing and not icky at all. I was part of the preview at the Bandra outlet of HD and the deft chef, Anthony, demonstrated how they make it. Beginning with crushed ice, moving on to the flavoured vermicelli, coulis, sweet basil seeds, topping if off with HD ice cream, some chopped fresh fruit, more vermicelli and basil seeds, and adding another scoop of ice cream, the process was complete with some dried nuts as garnish. The strawberry falooda had milkmaid in it and personally, I found the milky flavour was great.

Strawberry sweetness

Strawberry sweetness

The mango falooda was made with a vegetarian sorbet, and was a mélange of colours. A fellow blogger aptly likened it to a sunset. The best part is that you can customise your HD falooda with any flavour you like. Kruti, the PR executive who was with us, called for a raspberry falooda and was beyond herself with delight, what with raspberry being her favourite flavour at HD.

Mango delight

Mango delight

I always love it when foreign chains try and localise their products. Some score, some miss. But HD definitely hits a goal with their Holi falooda.


Available at Häagen-Dazs outlets at Bandra, Powai and Lower Parel from 1st to 8th March, 2015. Priced at Rs 395 plus taxes.

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