Restaurant Review: Sliders, Mumbai

Sliders are basically mini burgers- but cuter because of their tiny size. They aren’t exactly common in India and so when Ketan Kadam launched an eatery around the concept in Bandra, Mumbai, I was immediately intrigued. Along with my photographer and foodie friend, Sanket, whom you know from my previous post, I went to Sliders after work one day. I’m vegetarian, Sanket is not. So the review below is jointly written by us.

Nutella Coffee and Sugar Rush

Nutella Coffee and Sugar Rush

We began our meal with the Nutella Coffee (Rs 110) and Strawberry Rush (Rs 110). “The Nutella Coffee was light on flavor and was nicely presented, though personally I would have loved a water based drink to accompany the mini burgers,” Sanket feels. The Strawberry Rush was light and easy on the stomach-exactly how beverages ought to be. It doesn’t fill you up and so, there’s enough room for actual food. The flavour and sweetness level was perfect.

The vegetarian sliders all cost Rs 60 each, while all the non-vegetarian ones cost Rs 65 each, with the exception of Double Decker (Rs 80). Among the first thing Sanket ordered was the Fish and Chips slider. “I like everything fish, and this one was a crisp fish combined with sauces that accentuate the taste. The Bademiya slider was a spicy piece of kebab between the breads; it was decent. The Double Decker is the tallest slider in the menu. It comprises chicken salami, cheese and a flattened egg amongst the varied sauces. It does take some effort to be devoured and also fills you quite a bit.” He adds, “I had to skip the much recommended Philly Steak slider, but friends gave rave reviews about this particular slider.”

Doube Decker slider

Doube Decker slider

Bademiya slider

Bademiya slider

Coming to the vegetarian sliders, the Jalapeno Popper packed in the just the right punch of hotness. The cheese nicely balanced the spice. It turned out to be my most favourite among all the sliders. Next up was Wild Mushrooms. Although it lacked the distinct mushroom flavour that one would obviously expect, it was pretty delicious. The Mac and Cheese was strictly okay but full points for the innovative thought. I suppose a lot many would order this slider out of sheer curiosity so perhaps it would do them well to improve the flavour. I also sampled the Falafel slider (again, superb idea), and it didn’t disappoint. Fans of Middle Eastern cuisine will definitely savour it. So the only vegetarian slider I didn’t try was the Paneer Chilly… because 1) There were more unusual options to choose from, and 2) There is only so much I can eat-even if it’s for the sake of my blog.

Jalapeno Popper slider

Jalapeno Popper slider

Next in line was Thai Fries (Rs 90). French fries are topped with a drizzle of Thai sauce, a fair amount of peanut butter and garnished with coconut. “I am no fan of Thai sauce. But that being said that’s not the case with everyone… Manali was eating it as if it were gold plated caviar (if at all they come up with some veg version). I just kept staring at her as she was at it… So going by the looks on her face, if you like all of the above ingredients mixed and presented in a basket, dig in,” Sanket cheekily says. And even though Sanket had reserved some tummy space for the Brownie Slider (Rs 70), he managed to eat some of their signature BBQ wings (Rs 130), “which were tender and flavorful, thanks to the sauce it was cooked in.”

Thai Fries

Thai Fries

Signature BBQ wings

Signature BBQ wings

Coming to deserts, Sliders offers a Brownie slider-a small chocolate brownie with (excessively) sweet chocolate sauce wedged between toasted mini buns. Sanket was skeptical about it at first but soon was wishing he had room for more! I, on the other hand, didn’t like it too much.

Brownie Slider

Brownie Slider

The day we visited, the Ice Cream Profiteroles were not available. A shame, really, because I was pretty intrigued by the concept. But there’s always a next time and Sliders is one place I’d definitely visit again. Apart from all of this, Sliders also serves up burgers and hot dogs. The place is also perfect for a quick bite after shopping on Linking Road 😉 Sanket says, “To sum it up, I’d say, if you have a varied taste and would like some fun-sized burgers , you should definitely drop by Slider’s. A special mention of the food graffiti on the wall, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen something like it.”


Sliders scores on all fronts. Food- great. Pricing- affordable. Service- polite. Ambience- no frills.

All the pictures are shot by Sanket. More of his work can be found on his Facebook page.

Fine print: Please note that we were guests of the restaurant for the day. Big ups to Amrita and Anisha for inviting us.


Sliders: New Karnal Building, Near Bandra Book Centre, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. Call: 022-66710844. Rs 450 for two people (approx).

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  3. Soon to slide that way 🙂

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