Book Review: Flight of the Flamingo by Sangeeta Mall

Flight of the Flamingo by Sangeeta Mall

To put it simply, this is chick-lit with brains. In that, it’s fairly easy to read through but has enough substance and poignancy packed in. This novel is first in the ‘Beyond Pink’ series by Westland publishing. And if the first is this good, I look forward their upcoming titles. The attempt here is to tell stories about the contemporary urban Indian women-their dilemma, choices, aspirations, et al. And the author here definitely succeeds.

The novel follows the life of Preeta Dhingra, a short, plump woman in her early thirties. Preeta works in a publishing house in Mumbai and is tired of editing brainless romance novels that her company so loves to churn out, The story begins when an extraordinary manuscript lands on Preeta’s desk. The submission is by a high-profile celebrity banker. Preeta’s boss shoots down the idea as ridiculous and risky. In flat defiance against her boss’s wish, Preeta decides to go ahead with it, and in doing so, risks her job. Along the way, many things happen. There is also a love angle in the novel. But that is hardly the focus of the novel. If, like me, you are tired of reading women-centric novels that deal only with love and relationships, you’ll appreciate The Flight of the Pink Flamingo for going way beyond that. 

Preeta leads a tough life. But there is none of that wallowing in self-pity or lengthy ruminations about how tough life is. You tend to understand and also admire the way Preeta deals with life. The character feels real. It could be someone you know. The novel scores on plot, narrative and characters. What more does one want, really!


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