Store Review: Reliance Digital, Mumbai

Walking into the Mulund outlet of Reliance Digital, one would be surprised at how big the store actually is. I’m assuming the store was launched very recently, as the celebratory balloons were still around. Shiny gadgets surround you and the latest technology is on display. Reliance Digital offers everything from batteries for a remote to air conditioners to gaming consoles.


I was quite impressed by the sheer variety of electronics out there. So they had cell phones right from iPhone to Nokia Asha to phones by Lenovo. They had ovens, coffee makers, induction stoves and cameras. And I swear, Philips has the cutest range of irons and hair styling appliances. They had irons, curling irons and straighteners in neon colours of pink, blue, red, etc. I must say, fridges come really huge these days! I have never been such gigantic, fancy fridges in any other store. Like they had some really nice technology on the front doors, where you can water, ice cubes, child-lock it, adjust the temperature, etc. I felt like sitting inside a few of them- I’m sure they would have easily accommodated someone of my frame. Then they had PS3, Xbox, video games, some movie DVDs, sleek speakers, tablets and laptops, of course.


Cool coloured irons


One of the coolest things were the 3D enabled television sets. I mean, I was simply blown away by the superior picture quality where you could see the images right down to the last detail. The best part is, wearing the 3D glasses, you can move to the left or right, and the image will move with you! I was infinitely fascinated by how that could be. Also, the home theater systems were pretty cool.


Unusual speakers


Chota Bheem themed fan! Who would have thought!

The staff was adequately polite and well-informed. They also didn’t hover around you while you checked out things but were always somehow around when you needed them. The place was squeaky clean and everything was shining in a typical electronics store kind of way. All in all, I would feel comfortable visit and making a purchase here.

Note: My visit to Reliance Digital, Mulund, Mumbai was as part of IndiBlogger’s The Reliance Digital Experience.


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