Singaporeans are cautious people – Here’s proof!

Apart from being gracious and beautiful, Singaporeans are very careful. Presenting photographic evidence:

One would be hard pressed to find such a warning in India. Or any kind of warning sign, for that matter.

At first, I thought the warning was sexist. Then I realised it was the men’s loo.

“Safety first” really seems to be the mantra of Singapore.

There were countless other signs like these that I came across during my recent trip to the wonderful island country.

So this was in the loo somewhere in Singapore. The picture is skewed because I felt too creepy taking it in the first place.

Disclaimer: I loveeddd the people of Singapore. This post and its photographs are not meant to be offensive in any manner.

Oh, scenic and touristy pictures of my trip coming up soon. Okay, maybe not so soon.

Till the next post.



About Manali Shah

Postmodern. Spiritual. Feminist.

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  1. Nuchie_Boazo :)

    Nice trip dear,
    agree to you with “Safety first” really seems to be the mantra of Singapore”, hehe ^ ^

  2. Yes, and they have the suicide barriers at each train station. Preventing suicide is a good thing, but I wonder how much it cost to each taxpayer in Singapore.

    • @Micky: Oh, I took the MRT once in S’pore but I didn’t notice the suicide barriers. Unusual, isn’t it? Or do other south east Asian countries too follow this practice?

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