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I’m M.O.D

I’m M.O.D. Stands for Mad Over Donuts, which is actually a popular chain of donut shops. The minute you walk into an outlet, the counters dazzle you with their array of pretty looking donuts: all just sitting there, waiting to be devoured. They have flavours that cater to every kind – the chocolate purists won’t be disappointed, the bold ones will have plenty to experiment with, the comfort food seekers will be suitably comforted and the eccentric ones will be just as pleased.

Colour Me Bad

I know people who’ve never tasted a donut in their entire lives. Are you one of them, dear reader?

Christmas special treat

Are you tempted yet?

Raspberry Ripple

By sheer chance, I happened to be at their latest outlet at Korum Mall, Thane within an hour of opening and was greeted enthusiastically by their attendants. The entire vibe of the place and service was warm, friendly and easy-going. And the donuts? Nothing short of fantastic. Cinnamon, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peppermint, Oreo cookies, pesto, nacho sauce, you name it, they have the flavour.

My personal favourites are the filled ones. You’re halfway through the donut when gooey, hot melted chocolate comes rushing forth; or a bright sauce that provides a burst of raspberry or blueberry or strawberry. I also love the quirky pizza and spicy chilly flavoured donuts. Another particularly delightful donut is It’s Greek To Me, which is garnished with chopped black olives on top of a mass of creme cheese.

The price range starts from Rs 40 and doesn’t go very high after that, remaining affordable. Perfect for a on-the-go snack that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

The M.O.D website lists 10 delicious ways to devour your M.O.D donuts:

  1. Give your jaws a s-t-r-e-t-c-h, take as BIG a bite as possible
  2. Dunk fresh original glazed donuts into hot coffee
    …pure indulgence!
  3. Loop it round your finger and take mini bites
  4. Double the pleasure, stack two donuts together and sink in!
  5. Make it topless!
    Lick off the toppings before taking the donut… Mmmm
  6. Look through the hole-y centre and have a snapshot taken
  7. Give it a savoury twist, add some cheese!
  8. Put a skewer through and eat it like a lollipop
  9. Hang it like a mistletoe and kiss, kiss, kiss!
  10. Add a dollop of ice-cream over the centre for a hot/cold mix

How do you like your donuts? Is there any donut shop in your city I should know about? Let me know in the comments section below!

*Hog alert*

Details: Mad Over Donuts, Level 3, Korum Mall, Off Eastern Express Highway, Thane (W). Home delivery on minimum order of six donuts.

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