Chocolate Custard for a birthday

When you have a blog that chronicles your experiments in the kitchen (among other things) you constantly get asked to “cook something for me”. Which is great if you’re the kind who loves entertaining, hosting lunches, having friends over, taking requests from your family, etc. But thing is, I’m not. I’m a very selfish cook. I started cooking because *I* wanted to eat! So when you begin your journey because of reasons that do not go beyond your own stomach, it’s difficult to bother with making “something special for someone”.

Once I made a small batch of almond cookies for a dear friend from school. And while he appreciated it, relished it and thanked me, it din’t make me want to start cooking for all my friends and family. I din’t get that big feeling of (as other cooks claim) “joy and satisfaction” from watching him eat what I’d made.

So I remained a selfish cook, cooking only for myself. Fast forward a few months and it’s the same friend’s birthday. He’s a big-time foodie and a close friend. What the hell, I thought. To make him happy, if not for the “joy and satisfaction”.

Here goes: Chocolate Custard with raisins and almonds.

Chocolate Custard

This is my friend Shivanand with his birthday special.

Birthday boy 😛

Shivanand is an amateur photographer. Check his clicks on his Facebook page.

Recipe from Kavi’s popular blog, Edible Entertainment. Thank you, my babe, for answering my calls every time I have a dumb query about your recipes.

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Thank you!


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  1. Omg omg omg!!!!! Custard looks superb!!!! 1000 times better than mine!! Kya boss! Tu toh mast hai! 😀
    & Loved your intro.. 😛 I’m one of the self-less cooks, unlike you! 😀 But nothing wrong in being selfish! After all, nobody does charity… The people who constantly ask you to make stuff for them are the ones who would never even get you a chocolate… 😐 😛 So keep being selfish & bettering my dishes! 😀

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

    • @Kavi: Hahha, I know! You love whipping up stuff for your bro. And LOL at your comment- “The people who constantly ask you to make stuff for them are the ones who would never even get you a chocolate.” Well, some are just freeloaders, some sincere. 🙂

  2. yummy……….

  3. The custard looks superb. I know you made it without eggs, so pats on your back!

  4. Being selfish, now I am waiting for my bday too! 😀 This looks superb. You are so mean, you should have kept the same for tasting here on your blog. :P. Thoda share bhi karna chahiye na!

  5. that was such a sweet gesture and the dish looks ooooohhh 🙂

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