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Paneer Hariya

When you set out to make a dish that is supposed to look like this

Paneer Kaliya by Sanjeev Kapoor



Last night, I was keen to try Sanjeev Kapoor’s own creation, Paneer Kaliya (Funny name, I know!!). I appointed Mum as my sous chef and proceeded with much excitement and a little trepidation. Mum, being Mum, suggested a few shortcuts to the original recipe. She said I could blow off steps 1 to 5 altogether if I followed what she had in mind. Who am I to challenge a lady with over 25 years of cooking experience? “Okay”, I said. “We’ll do it your way, Ma.”

Many improvisations and panic attacks and squeals of “OMG-this-is-not-working”  (from my end) later, was born Paneer Hariya. Why ‘hariya’ you might ask? Well, the dish turned out green (instead of the intended white) and well, it rhymes with kaliya. BTW, I have an aunt with the last name Haria and she’s going to be reading this. So Beena Fui, I’m sorry it had to be named Hariya but it was so apt. And anyhow, it was Sonali who came up with the name, so chide her! 😀

In the end, I was happy with how Paneer Hariya tasted. It is unlike any other paneer dish I have had (and I’ve had loads). Though I must warn you, it is a very rich dish that leaves you feeling full for a LOT of hours.

Recipe for Paneer Hariya

Serves 2 – 3 persons

Igredients: Fresh Paneer cubes – 200 gm

Garam Masala – 1 tbsp OR make your own garam masala which is a paste of 4 cardamom pods, 4 cloves, 10 peppercorns, 1 inch cinnamon stick, and 1 inch sliced ginger

Cornflour – 1 tsp

Curd – 2 tbsp

Cream – 2 tbsp

Almonds – 1/2 cup – blanched, peeled and ground

Sugar – 1 – 2 tsp – depending on your taste

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

Salt –  1 tsp

Water – 1 cup


1) Mix the ground almonds with water and keep aside. This forms the base of the gravy.

2) Heat the ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel. Add the garam masala. Stir well till the ghee begins to separate. This should talk a minute or two.

3) Add the almond paste from step 1. Sauté the mixture for a minute.

4) Add the curd and cream and sauté it for another minute.

5) Mix the cornflour in 2 tsp water and add it to the gravy.

6) Add the sugar, turmeric and salt.

) Lastly, add the paneer cubes.

7) Let it cook for a couple of minutes.

Serve hot with rotis or parathas. If you have even the slightest of doubt about this, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you out with even dumb-sounding queries 🙂

If you happen to make this dish, let me know and I’ll put up a picture of your cooking on this blog.

Sending this to Kavi’s Healthy Cooking Challenge, which is Smita’s brainchild.


Chocolate Custard for a birthday

When you have a blog that chronicles your experiments in the kitchen (among other things) you constantly get asked to “cook something for me”. Which is great if you’re the kind who loves entertaining, hosting lunches, having friends over, taking requests from your family, etc. But thing is, I’m not. I’m a very selfish cook. I started cooking because *I* wanted to eat! So when you begin your journey because of reasons that do not go beyond your own stomach, it’s difficult to bother with making “something special for someone”.

Once I made a small batch of almond cookies for a dear friend from school. And while he appreciated it, relished it and thanked me, it din’t make me want to start cooking for all my friends and family. I din’t get that big feeling of (as other cooks claim) “joy and satisfaction” from watching him eat what I’d made.

So I remained a selfish cook, cooking only for myself. Fast forward a few months and it’s the same friend’s birthday. He’s a big-time foodie and a close friend. What the hell, I thought. To make him happy, if not for the “joy and satisfaction”.

Here goes: Chocolate Custard with raisins and almonds.

Chocolate Custard

This is my friend Shivanand with his birthday special.

Birthday boy 😛

Shivanand is an amateur photographer. Check his clicks on his Facebook page.

Recipe from Kavi’s popular blog, Edible Entertainment. Thank you, my babe, for answering my calls every time I have a dumb query about your recipes.

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Thank you!

Kiwi Fruit Sandesh

This is actually one of my first attempts at making dessert. Sadly, I do not have much of a sweet tooth. Always preferring spicy and tangy flavours, I’m the kind who seldom orders dessert.

Sandesh is a sweet dish from the state of West Bengal, India. I admit, the only reason I made this was because it is an astonishingly simple recipe that can be made in under 15 minutes. True story! Adding the Kiwi twist to Sandesh is a really good idea as the sour flavour contrasts well with the sweet and balances it, which is good because I cannot handle a sugar rush. The cardamom flavour really lends itself well to this dairy combination of paneer (cottage cheese) and cream.

Kiwi Fruit Sandesh

The pictures have come out rather lovely, haven’t they?

Kiwi Fruit Sandesh: A close up

Recipe from this article in Hindustan Times.

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