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Kadai Matar Paneer

Paneer is among my most favourite food items and when I came across this amazingly simple recipe for Kadai Matar Paneer on my friend Kavi’s blog, Edible Entertainent, I couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

Kadai Matar Paneer by Chef Manali Shah

Sosha and I wiped our plates clean! This is one dish that I’ll be making many more times. 🙂

If your visual senses approved of this post, give them a proper feast with more food:

Spaghetti in cheesy Mushroom Sauce

Greek Salad

Bamboo Hot and Sour Soup


Chef Manali


Product Review: McCain’s Frozen French Fries

After my successful attempt at making French Fries at home, I was intrigued enough to give frozen ones a shot. I’ve read Vir Sanghvi (prominent journalist and noted food critic), whom I look up to, praising McCain’s line of frozen products often. I got a pack for Rs 60 from a Star Bazaar outlet and most departmental shops stock McCain’s these days.

Here’s my experience and the outcome:

The packet says fries don’t need thawing but in my experience, it turns out better if you let them thaw for a couple of minutes. It takes another couple of minutes to deep fry and you have firm, tasty, McDonald’s type French Fries ready.

Verdict: They’re definitely tasty but frozen and packaged meals do nothing for your health. Zero nutritional value. So what I’d say is that give McCain a shot if you entertain often or have frequent visitors at home since they make for a quick, no hassle snack. For daily or regular consumption, it’s a big no-no.

Caught in the act

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