Restaurant Review: Cafe Bean Garu, Powai

I was very eager to go the place that served Pesto Dosa, Desi Canapes, Malbari Risotto and such other bizarre combinations. Boy, was I disappointed!

Since Cafe Bean Garu is located in a food court at Haiko Mall, Hiranandani, the seating is minimalistic. But the table was too far away from the seat to be able to rest your back and eat comfortably. Much to our annoyance, the waiter asked thrice in five minutes if we were ready with our order. We were the only people at the Cafe – what was all the rush about?

When I asked for some water, they said they din’t serve regular water. This is, according to me, the biggest turn off at a restaurant. It is SUCH a rip off scam. Bottled water was for Rs 25, while the MRP read Rs 15 only. Isn’t it basic to serve your customers water without charging them for it?

We eagerly read through the menu and were keen on trying the Chilli Cheese Mushroom Dosa (Rs 95). On hearing our order, the waiter said, “I think you will not like it”. HUH?! He then tried to push us to order Idli, which is supposed to be their speciality. I said we love mushrooms and wanted to try it. He made a face and mockingly said, “Hope you like it.” I was appalled! First, which waiter says you will not like a particular food they serve. Second, which waiter makes a face and behaves sarcastically with customers.

The Dosa quickly arrived with sambar, coconut chutney and another curd based chutney. Sliced mushroom, some cheese and some chilli pieces – the Dosa had everything the name promised. While the taste was not bad, I was disappointed with how little effort went into making it. I was expecting something along the lines of mushroom sauce applied on the Dosa. Not just a sada Dosa with some mushroom and cheese.

My friend Nishtha called for a cup of the famous Andhra Filter Coffee which she said tasted nothing different from regular coffee. By then we were not in the mood to sit there and experience any more of the pathetic service.

The range of the menu is painfully short and their tagline of “Don’t be Shy… Why not try” is just plain silly.

Service: Sucks.

Food: Strictly OK.

Ambiance/Seating: Minimalistic/Uncomfortable.

Pricing: Economical.

Bottomline: I am thankful I went with a friend living in Powai and not friends from Thane who would have killed me for taking them to such a horrible place.

Details: Cafe Bean Garu, Level 1, Haiko Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Call 40153258. Rs 400 for a meal for two.

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  1. So, basically, the waiter was trying to talk you out of your order and have food ordered for you ??
    ain’t that some damn rude stuff ??
    a dhaaba wala could show some more respect for your choice of food, atleast in front of you… lol…

  2. Hi,
    I live in Powai and have bean to cafe bean garu twice. Both times the service was excellent. The idlis are indeed good, especially by bombay standard and the rasam is absolutely fantastic! I have not tried the mushroom dosa, but the sponge dosa, which is a cross between an appam and a dosa was also fantastic.

    Perhaps they were having an off day the day you went? A waiter saying you will not like it, is absolutely shocking! Really unfortunate that you should have had such a bad experience here.

    • Hi SB, that could be possible.. but then I believe a restaurant (especially one that’s recently opened and still building a loyal patronage) should put on their best behaviour at all times. They definitely lost a customer in me.

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