Day 7: Course 7: Almond Cookies

Today’s the final day of The Seven Course Meal Project and I din’t know what I was going to make for Dessert till a couple of hours back. Then came Sonal Ved to the rescue! She gave me this ridiculously easy recipe and here it is.

The cookie is in a heap because I din’t realise you had to cut it into pieces before it cools down. My bad. But that’s what this Project was about.

Almond Cookie

And if you’re wondering why there’s so little of it in the pic, I gobbled some down before clicking because it was irresistible! 😀

My Project ends today, but my blog doesn’t end. So do continue checking every now then.


Chef Manali


About Manali Shah

Postmodern. Spiritual. Feminist.

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  1. It looks SO delicious! You have no idea how much I love cookies. Mail me the recipe. Please?
    Also, Either Or is pretty expensive. ALmost double of what you’d expect garments and bags to cost outside.
    Lovely place nonetheless.

  2. haha…this is so sweet manali 😀

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