Day 1: Course 1: Cottage Cheese Tikka

Today was the first day of The 7 Course Meal Project. I wanted to cook something I had never cooked before and wanted to set a deadline of sorts. The idea of cooking for seven days straight came from watching Julie and Julia. In the movie, Julie (Amy Adams) decides to cook all the 524 recipes from Julia Child’s (played by Meryl Streep) renowned French cuisine cookbook in 365 days and blog about it.

I’ve decided to cook a seven course meal over seven days. So today was time for the first course: appetizers. I went for an Indian starter dish of Cottage Cheese Tikka (Paneer Tikka). I picked up the recipe from Ishi Khosla’s book – Is Wheat Killing You?

The Tikka turned out to be just about okay. The first batch was quite horrible looking but tasted decent. I made some changes in the remaining batches and they looked and tasted better! Phew!

Cottage Cheese Tikka


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  1. Pretty cool blog this – that you’ve got! Enjoyed browsing around 🙂

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