My love affair with Gelato

I’ve always wanted to try gelato. In fact, it was on my bucket list, which is a list of things you do before you die. It is said that Gelato is fat-free, has no calories and stuff. I would be continuing my love affair with Gelato, regardless of all that!

Amore is a chain of Gelato in India selling gourmet Gelato. They offer sorbetto, cakes, and frozen yogurt, too. And organic flavours such as Lemon and Ginger, which my friend ordered and actually liked. I found it too strong though. They’ve Indianised some flavours and offer flavours like Masala Latte to appeal to the locals.

Indians love their ice cream but aren’t huge consumers. And Gelato is a whole new concept. No wonder Gelato Italiano, the second and final place offering Gelato has an introductory price of JUST Rs. 9 (less than half a US Dollar) for flavour of the week.

Belgium Chocolate Gelato at Amore

A lil close up

Happily sampling Black Current Gelato at Gelato Italiano

Dark Chocolate from Amore


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  1. You are so beautiful!

  2. wow that is really inexpensive. In the states, gelato is quite pricey. But it is delicious! Just thought I’d let you know that unless its a special blend of gelato, it is not fat-free, but does have less fat than ice cream. But normally has higher sugar content, so it would have calories as well. I think that it is so rich and satisfiying that one would eat less of it than they would of ice cream, so it’s a good trade off! Enjoy 🙂

  3. If I am not wrong, I see that that flavor was Chocolate, which is the best is the whole entire world. I hope that you enjoyed that Gelato of yours! 🙂

  4. shared a very nice article, I wish to continue to increase.

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