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Day 2: Course 2: ‘Bamboo’ Hot and Sour Soup

Today was the second part of The Seven Course Meal Project. I was a little tensed about today’s course. I thought making a soup would require a lot of work and the recipe read arduous. I was wrong! It’s fairly simple and even an amateur chef like me could come up with such a delightful soup! 🙂

I was really keen on including mushrooms in the recipe but the store had run out of  them by the time I reached. So it was a bit of a dampener but the bamboo shoots lifted my spirits considerably!

The soup smelled divine and the taste came astonishingly close to the soup you get at Chinese restaurants here.

Bamboo Hot and Sour Soup by Chef Manali Shah

Recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor’s website.

Watch out for the third course i.e. salads tomorrow 😉

– Chef Manali


Day 1: Course 1: Cottage Cheese Tikka

Today was the first day of The 7 Course Meal Project. I wanted to cook something I had never cooked before and wanted to set a deadline of sorts. The idea of cooking for seven days straight came from watching Julie and Julia. In the movie, Julie (Amy Adams) decides to cook all the 524 recipes from Julia Child’s (played by Meryl Streep) renowned French cuisine cookbook in 365 days and blog about it.

I’ve decided to cook a seven course meal over seven days. So today was time for the first course: appetizers. I went for an Indian starter dish of Cottage Cheese Tikka (Paneer Tikka). I picked up the recipe from Ishi Khosla’s book – Is Wheat Killing You?

The Tikka turned out to be just about okay. The first batch was quite horrible looking but tasted decent. I made some changes in the remaining batches and they looked and tasted better! Phew!

Cottage Cheese Tikka

My love affair with Gelato

I’ve always wanted to try gelato. In fact, it was on my bucket list, which is a list of things you do before you die. It is said that Gelato is fat-free, has no calories and stuff. I would be continuing my love affair with Gelato, regardless of all that!

Amore is a chain of Gelato in India selling gourmet Gelato. They offer sorbetto, cakes, and frozen yogurt, too. And organic flavours such as Lemon and Ginger, which my friend ordered and actually liked. I found it too strong though. They’ve Indianised some flavours and offer flavours like Masala Latte to appeal to the locals.

Indians love their ice cream but aren’t huge consumers. And Gelato is a whole new concept. No wonder Gelato Italiano, the second and final place offering Gelato has an introductory price of JUST Rs. 9 (less than half a US Dollar) for flavour of the week.

Belgium Chocolate Gelato at Amore

A lil close up

Happily sampling Black Current Gelato at Gelato Italiano

Dark Chocolate from Amore

Vegetable Satay

I’ve been trying my hand at cooking a little bit, off late. Made this Vegetable Satay some time ago. It has cottage cheese (paneer), capsicum, marinated baby corn, mushroom, red peppers and tomato. I was pretty pleased with the outcome! 🙂

Vegetable Satay by Chef Manali

Okay, so I’m not a professional chef. But a home chef, nevertheless. Besides, Chef Manali sounds pretty cool to my ears!

Wishing you a bon appetit, always 😉


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