Pay it forward

A lot has been written about the big bad and mean world of today. Much ink has been used to describe how indifferent we have become to people around us. I, however, choose to see a different side. We all know that a small act of kindness can go a long way in transforming someone’s life. I will show you people actually living by it.


A selfless initiative by a 33-year-old Rushabh Turakhia is changing the way people live. It encourages us to be kind, compassionate and help those who need us. Next time someone thanks you, do not end it by simply saying welcome. Instead, hand over a Your Turn Now (YTN) card and insist that they pass on the benignity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Request a FREE stack of YTN cards and carry them with you everywhere.
  • They are the size of a credit card, and will hence fit in perfectly in your wallet/purse.
  • When you help out somebody, don’t forget to pass them a card, and explain to them that it is now their turn to be kind and help someone else out.

These cards are free of charge and will be couriered to you, whichever part of the world you may be in, in a maximum of 10 days.

You can visit their Facebook group HERE, to read stories uploaded by users sharing their YTN experiences.

Visit or send an e-mail to to get free YTN cards.

Spread the good word, and the kindness, people. I know you want to do it 🙂

P.S: It would also be nice if you leave me a comment on my blog when place your order. That way, I’ll know you’re out to do your bit to heal the world and make it a better place.

Thank you.


About Manali Shah

Postmodern. Spiritual. Feminist.

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  1. Dipti Thakkar

    Awesome idea:-).

  2. This is an amazing idea… And it truly works.. works very well… Cheers Rushabh.. Long way to go man!!!

  3. Thank you, Dipti and Ojas.
    Hope you have applied to get those Your Turn Now cards 🙂

  4. Thank you Manali for letting me know about such a wonderful Concept.

  5. Thank you for taking the initiative to bring this to many like myself.

    I have just clicked the button and requested the cards.
    I appreciate this.

    God bless you

  6. Fabulous concept! 🙂 It has the capacity to bring a lot of positive energy and that is just what the world needs!

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